A French Adventure

The Chateau/School for Coeur de France

I am off today on a solo journey to France, stopping in Paris at the beginning and end of this sojourn but spending most of my time in an immersion language school in the southern Loire district in a little village called Sancerre. (Yes, this is where that wine comes from!) I will be gone just over 3 weeks altogether — it’s exciting and challenging too, because my French is not really very good at all. The school, Coeur de France, www.coeurdefrance.com,  tells me I am not supposed to be speaking English at all for the whole 2 weeks! I’ve got to return speaking better, right? That’s the plan anyway. Keep watching this space for updates on my adventures, including a back-packing weekend on the weekend break. Where to? Haven’t yet decided so stay tuned. Au revoir!

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